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Spinal Endoscopic Surgery: Patient 's Frequently Asked Questions
System Patient FAQ's
Ques: Is there a lot of pain after surgery?
Ans: There is not a lot of pain because of the minimally invasive nature of the procedure. You will have pain medication for when you need it. Remember to use ice on your back for 20 minutes to keep the swelling down which helps relieve the pain. If pain is excessive you should contact your doctor.
Ques: Can I shower after surgery?
Ans: You will have a waterproof dressing on your back. You may shower quickly but try not to soak the dressing. Do not use a Jacuzzi.
Ques: What are my limitations after surgery?
Ans: You should take it easy. You can walk and lie down. Try to limit sitting to 10-15 minutes, sitting will tend to make you sore. You will begin physical therapy at two weeks and thereafter slowly increase your activities.
Ques: When can I play golf or tennis?
Ans: You need to wait 3 months to play strenuous sports or do any activity that uses a lot of twisting motion.
Ques: Is this surgery experimental?
Ans: This surgery is not experimental. It is a minimally invasive way to perform the same procedure that has been successfully used to treat disc herniations for more than 60 years. This particular technique has been used since 1995.
Ques: Will I have a large scar?
Ans: The incision is only 1inch or 2cm long and usually heals very well. It is usually barely noticeable.
Ques: When can I have sexual intercourse?
Ans: You can engage in sexual activity when you feel comfortable, usually after one to two weeks. Remember to moderate your activities and stop if you have any pain and then try to find a more comfortable position.
Ques: Will I need medication?
Ans: There is usually not much pain after surgery. You will be given hydrocodone or a similar pain medication. Remember to use ice regularly and to lie down when you need to rest your back.
Ques: Does my insurance pay for this surgery
Ans: Many forms of health insurance pay for this surgery referred to as a minimally invasive lumbar laminectomy. You may want to ask your insurance company about this directly.
Ques: When can I drive?
Ans: You can drive short distances when you are comfortable sitting in a car. Sitting tends to aggravate the pain more than any other positions and limiting sitting and driving for the first 1-2 weeks is a good idea.
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